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5:04am 02-08-2010
Patricia Crawford
The picture of Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman is a crop of a picture that is in my possession. The picture is question has Isaac Pinson Shipman sitting in a chair and Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman standing next to him. Jenna Snyder asked me in an e-mail for the original, that she had one but it was faded. This picture in its entirety can be seen on Ancestry and the date that it was added. I also have the original picture and the two crops I made off of it on CD storage. This picture was found in a box that belonged to Ollie Frances Shipman Cosgrove in 1981. That is my crop of Mary Lucinda Bratton on your tree. Please give credit where credit is due.
Patricia Groceman Crawford
Wanda Conner Groceman
Nina Corrine Cosgrove Conner Cullom
Ollie Frances Shipman Cosgrove
Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman
7:21pm 02-07-2010
Lorie Bays

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box. is now also online at
Hope all is well with you I just got a new computer so I will be online more now.
Have update on my line again... My aunt, Aline (Georgia Aline Hightower...wife of Cornelius Hall(Pete) Hightower Jr. has passed away this year. I will collect her info and write to you again soon. now online also at Have update on my Hightower line, my aunt, Aline (Georgia Aline Nettles Hightower) wife of Cornelius Hall (Pete) Hightower Jr. has passed away this year ... I will gather her info and check back with you soon.
8:46pm 02-05-2010
Rebecca Merliss Sieg
Hi, I don't know where your information came from, but my mother, Laura Reigh Beals Merliss is listed wrong on your pages. I think perhaps my cousin, Michael Gallegos, has posted this information. My mother's name was Laura Reigh Beals Merliss. That's Reigh with an R, not L. Would you be so kind to correct your information. Thank you.
6:43pm 01-30-2010
Cheryl Hightower
Tony I'm sorry but the year that I gave you on Cayden Eugene Shields is 2008 not 2009. His mothe is Christina Ann Hightower (Shields). Thank you
10:04pm 01-25-2010
Cheryl Hightower
Update on family tree. My daughter Christina Ann Hightower (Shields) married to Eric Shields, gave birth to a son Sept. 24, 2009. His name is Cayden Eugene Shields.
10:04pm 01-23-2010
Sid ross
Checking on INAS and KATE ROSS
11:07pm 01-20-2010
Randy Shell
I have some old documents concerning George Badger Cooke, be glad to share the information if anyone is interested. Consists of his demit from the lodge in Brenham, Texas, His swearing in as an attorney, appointment as Commander of Texas Frontier Regiment in San Saba.
2:54pm 01-17-2010
cathy rooks anderson
you have a wonderful website. ours is on the rooksweb. am still looking for chloe or antonia(her daughter). not much luck. but they say looking is half the fun. thanks again. cathy
5:59pm 01-15-2010
Is this the same family of Jessica Mashburn currently living in Guatemala with her husband, Aaron Mashburn and their two children. Father in law is Ken Goldman? If so, please contact me at Mother of Jessica is Rebecca? Urgent, please contact if this is the case.
Thank you.-Beth
6:06pm 01-14-2010
Joanne Wortman
Ethel Lee Hightower was born 12 JUN 1879 had several other children who are not listed. She was my great grandmother. Her daughter Glennia Gertrude married Clarence Clyde Wortman and they had three sons: George, Clarence and Edwin. I am Edwin's daughter. Ethel Lee also had a daughter named Pansy Faye, if I recall correctly, and some other children who may not have survived until adulthood.
10:12pm 01-12-2010
Kathy Wock
I was checking to see what you have on the Wock family in Illinois? I cannot get past where they arrived in Jersey County Illinois mid 1800's.
2:53pm 01-10-2010
Susen Taylor
I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Dana Dibert Vietmeier or her daughter Alyxandria. Also Todd, her husband and Alyx have their last name splelled incorrectly. It's Vietmeier.
8:05pm 01-05-2010
Marsha B
Just sure you're called 'Tony'. Have just spent about 1/2 a day at your site and really enjoyed the visit. Not but a couple of my folks, but found folks from Izard and Fulton Co., AR and gave some clarity to some of those lines.
Very tender tx of your mom's page. She would be please.
Many thanks for sharing your work, almost feel I know you.
10:15pm 01-04-2010
Victor Fowler's brother is living and is named B. J. Fowler. Victor and Patricia "Pat" had two children: A son John Victor Fowler who lives in Las Colinas/Dallas, TX. Victor was a decorated WWII veteran and so is his son who was in Viet Nam as a Air Cavalry Pilot and their daughter is Patricia "Trish" Nunn who lives in Grand Prairie.
3:07am 01-04-2010
James Latham
Just wanted you to know of some updates/corrections you may want to make on your entries for William Harold Flora. This is my grandfather and his daughter Brenda Melaine Flora ,who was my mother, passed away on April 20, 2005. Some other things are his oldest sons first name was spelled Lanny. Also his first wife, my grandmother, was spelled Letha and she passed away on January 13, 2003. Glad to see that you have done all this work. I hope to have a gen. website up in the near future.
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