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8:19am 02-25-2011
all I need are some tastey waves, a cool buzz and i'm fine
8:48pm 02-17-2011
I was married to William Don Bush, Jr, the son of Martha Bush. I have more information on this. Martha had two sons named Walter Lamar Bush and William Don Bush, Jr. Mr. Hightower published a book which portrayed Martha and I know a lot about all of it.
3:14pm 02-15-2011
Among the many photos I inherited from my great-grandmother, Cora Ellen Blount Bonner, there is an infant photo identified as "Little Hamel Cheshire." The only information I have been able to find about him is in your Hightower data. Both of his parents were born in the area where my great-grandmother grew up, but I cannot make a connection between either of them and my family.
Any additional information about the Cheshire family will be greatly appreciated.
7:54am 02-13-2011
I can provide much updated information concerning Coy/Hightower family. A.L. Coy was my Grandfather, Freda Fannie Coy, my Mother.
11:58pm 02-12-2011
I just found my grandfather's name and family and am curious as to why you include their social security numbers.
6:20pm 01-31-2011
Would you know if Flonnie Cravens Coy Kingsbury is still living. She hasnt returned correspondence. Thanks, Gigi
8:27am 01-31-2011
mary ellen beliveau (hightower) is my wifes mom. do u have a gedcom file?
7:11pm 01-30-2011
I am trying to find out info about my grandfather William David Bayless who was born in Jonesboro Tenn ( not sure of spelling) , Johnson Ward 2, Washington DC . DOB 12/4/1881. He had 2 sisters. 1 sister's name was Lizzie. He had another sister, name unknown. 1 sister had 2 kids named Landon & Sarah. It's my understanding they are now deaceased & lived in MA. Their father's name was Dally. That's all I know so far. They moved from Tenn. Charleston WV & Columbus, OH where my grandfather died 12/13/ 52. I am looking for more info., perhaps we are related. Thanks
5:47pm 01-29-2011

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.

Bayless Family
Found Bayless family on Hightower Family Genealogical Database
11:58am 01-17-2011
This is in regard to I107340 Joseph A. Fox.
Joseph A. Fox was my grandmother. She was named Joseph Ann Fox, and was called Annie by her family. She married Ira Cornelius Smith and moved to Tarkio Missouri about 1915. She had 10 living children at her death in about 1978. She is buried in Tarkio Missouri. My mother Doris Bettie Smith Hull is her youngest living child.
3:31pm 01-14-2011
do not no anything about my fothers familyhis name was william norwood hightower he lived in saluda sc can you help
5:17pm 01-02-2011
I contacted you several months back about updating my mother's information on your wonderful website (via your email address). I did not hear back from you. I am wondering if it is because my email is a business email, and you did not open it. This is the only one I use. Please contact me on how to update information. My mother, Betty Jane Hill, died. Also, I would like to share her husband's information (my dad) and her children and grandchildren. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thanks.
2:10am 12-31-2010
After the death of Lela B. Hightower Love, Walker O. Love remarried on 20 Dec 1919 to a M. Elizabeth [Lizzie] Granger .. records in the Cleveland County Marriage recordings.
5:09pm 12-29-2010
hi, one of my great grandfathers was john greer ,his dauther martha emily married my greatgrandfather ,george samuel bailey may24,1839
5:32pm 12-26-2010
You state that John Tyre Curl is the son of James Curl. Do you have any source records for that information, and if you do will you share them or tell me how to obtain them?

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