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4:12pm 07-16-2011
Thanks for all the updated information on my family. James David Green's birthday is wrong. His wife made a mistake on his gravestone and refuses to correct it but his birthday is August 24, 1953 not the 25th. Thanks!!
9:17pm 07-11-2011
Would like to get with you on some information that you have posted for James Davis and Mary Hightower Davis. I believe I am a descendant of their daughter Jane. Please email me at I appreciate hearing from you.

2:27pm 07-07-2011
I am looking for Information about my great great grandmother Dorinda J. Hightower Casey. She was born abt. 1815 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of John Hightower & Rachel Foster. She married my gg grandfather, Hiram Casey in Johnson County, Illinois in 1836. I would like to know what happened to her after he passed away in 1862. I cannot find any record of her death or burial. I would love to have any information about her family. I was told as a child that she was Cherokee but my grandfather passed away when I was seven. I only heard the stories my mother had been told. She didn,t have much information either. If anyone has photos or stories about my ancestors, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help. Arlene
12:08pm 07-07-2011
Hi, I am the great grand daughter of Abner Davis Green. He and Lola Allgood had 3 children (Abner Davis Green, Jr., Joanne Green (Peirce), and Gloria Jean Green ( McCoy)). My grandfather Abner Davis Green, Jr. married Billie Joyce Bryant(9/17/1935-3/24/2005) on August 20th ( I've got to look up the year) and had two sons (James David Green and Kenton Charles Green). James David Green was born on 8/24/53 and passed on 12/20/2007. James was married 3 times and had 3 daughters by each marriage. The first was to Connie Jill Hester (10/2/1954-Alive) and had me, Rebecca Lee Green(11/18/1971). Then he married Betty Darlene Eubanks and had Aby Davina Green(2/18/1978). Then he married Sherry Ann Horton and had Chelsi Laine Green(1/12/1995). I have three children, Jordan Alexander Freeman(7/18/1991), Zachary David Hoffman(5/30/1993), and Michaela Liann Hoffman(8/17/1994). My daughter Michaela has a daughter, Trinity Nicole Hoffman-White(9/16/2009). My sister Davina has twin boys, James Dylan Green and Kyle Dane Green (3/28/1994). My uncle K.C. has two daughters, Stephaine Green and Billie Ann Green. I will get all of their info shortly and put it on here. My grandfather, grandmother, and dad are buried in my hometown of Commerce, TX in Rosemound Cemetary. I will email pics real soon. Thanks, Rebecca Green
5:17pm 07-05-2011
Hi, I have copies of bible records from my great Aunt Edith Bridges ...She is the daughter of Orren Stanley Bridges and Dora Lee Mathews....I believe that Dora Lee is the Daughter of Mary Jane Featherston(e)....and William J Mathews....the Bible records have listed Eliza Featherston(e) being married in 1856 in Clinton Co, Illinois....I am trying to connect the dots...I would really like more information...I believe I am related to the Featherston(e)'s thru my grand mother Armitta Gertrude Bridges, Edith Bridges Sister. Thank you so much. Brenda
8:01pm 07-02-2011
I was wondering who the Hightowers are and why my mom, dad brother and myself are listed on their or your page. Also, I never had a child named Jesse Kane Casto.
5:11pm 06-30-2011
Interested very much in the Hightower Site as my Grandmother was Lillie Louise Hightower. thanks
7:48pm 06-26-2011
Hi - I was poking around for information on my family and ran across George E Hall and Vallie Sharp. In noticed there were no birth or death dates listed. Vallie was my paternal grandmother's sister. She was born 09 Mar 1892 and died 24 May 1937 in Yocum Pond, MO. Their only child, Lillian Hall (who married TomTyre) was my dad's cousin.
7:20pm 06-25-2011
Hello, I found my name (Geoffrey Konrad Kern) and my father's name on this page. It also says he may or may not be alive. Well, he IS ALIVE, and living in Paris, Texas. JOHN KONRAD KERN is his name. The oldest son of Jesse Harvey Kern and Opha Mary Hightower Kern.
1:03pm 06-25-2011

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Ancestry family tree only
Hi, I am of the Kincheloe/Davis line and I had a question on Adelbert Lee Kincheloe. I have done my DNA and may have a match with the Huckaby line. I am a little confused about the father of Adelbert. Was his paternal father Mr. Hamilton or someone else? My ggg grandfather was Joseph Kincheloe. My gg grandmother was Hannah M Kincheloe, his daughter.

Thanks, Barbara
11:00pm 06-24-2011

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.
Hi! I am the grand daughter of Lincoln Jr. Karr, hoping to find out if you have any information on Rev. William B. Karr b.1790's or 1800's, My Karr tree doesn't go any further than him. Thanks!
12:17am 06-18-2011
Do you have documented proof for the birth date of Melinda Jane Harness? Many sites say she was born 17 Aug 1817. My ancestor is listed in several sites as being her brother - William "Billy" Harness, born 13 APR 1818. This can not be true if they had the same Mother, unless he was born prematurely. I'm just trying to gather proof. Any info you have will be appreciated. Thank you.
8:16am 06-17-2011
HI, I'm trying to reach Annette Benedetti Joy, daughter of Margaret Ernst Carter
She is my cousin, her Mother was my William James Ernst, my Fathers sister. please contactme. Any help would greatly be appreicated. Or foward this info to her and have her contact me.

Thank you
9:44pm 06-16-2011
I'm related to Albert Stone's nephew., his nephew James Stone married my niece. How are you related to the Stone and Prater family?
7:34am 06-15-2011
Hi, I am trying to get an oversite corrected on the William Fishback & Nannie Talbert site- My Mother was their second child & she is not mentioned! Can you help me with this? Thanks so much! Nancy
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