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1:09pm 04-21-2011
My grandmother Rose Blanchard, first name Minnesota which she hated, was born May 8 1894 in Elmore, Minnesota and died August 1973 in Coos County, Oregon. Her first marriage was to Henry Earl Hanley. They had 4 children 2 of which died young.
12:34pm 04-21-2011
In researching my family history I find that my grandmother Minnesota Rose Blanchard is related to Charles S. Blanchard who was born in Millbrook, Ontario, Canada in 1856. Would love to have any additional history.
12:42am 04-17-2011
Rob Hoag and I were good buds in High School. If you have contact with him pass my email address on to him and tell him I would like to hear from him.
12:41pm 04-15-2011
This is all so very interesting to me. Thank you to you for posting all of this. Minerva Frances McLucas Chambers was my great grandmother (and James Absalom Stinchcomb Chambers my great grandfather), so Charlotte Hightower was my great, great grandmother. Minerva's son Daniel Everett was my grandfather (married to Elizabeth Louise Suggs) and their son James Charles Chambers was my father. I am married to James Laurence Brown and we have four children. Nora Louise Brown (born 1994), Cecile Louise Brown (born 1998), Frances Louise Brown (born 2001)-and at the time I didn't realize Frances was a family name, and Salinger Chambers Brown (born 2009).
7:29am 04-12-2011
Hi there... Sampson Mathis is my great-great-great-great grandfather. My grandmother, Zyla V. Powells mother was Margarett Mathis.
7:42pm 04-08-2011
I'm searching for Information about Minnie Hightower born 1891 Mother is Mary Ella Gault, Father James Hightower. They were from Izzard County Arkansas.
6:31pm 03-30-2011
Looking for the Barbara Chaffin that has information on the Cullom/Otey family.
Saw a post on this site with that name on it.
5:00pm 03-26-2011
Elihu Millikan, son Elihu Millikan, son Alexander Culbertson Milligan, Henry Milligan, Wilma Sybil Milligan Ireland, Donald E. Ireland are my ancestors. Can you tell me more about Elihu? I have been to the graves of both Elihu.
10:52pm 03-20-2011
Hi. I am the daughter of Alma Elizabeth Slade daughter of Wm. Moses Slade. I found my mom's name on your website.
My g grandmother was Nettie Peterson Slade.
I would love to connect with you and to find out more about the Hightower family.
8:00pm 03-14-2011
Hi Anthony,

We have been doing some research on our Wilkins family history. My Gt-Gt Grandfather's older brother was was a John Samuel Wilkins. born around 1820' in London. Your webpage is the only hit I have had on this name. Any chance this could be one & the same person?


Rob S
3:14pm 03-09-2011
re: ID I53991 Roger Kenneth Boreen, I was married to Roger 3/24/1996. Roger passed away 11/16/2006. How was he relaed to the Hightowers?
12:40pm 02-28-2011
I found my Grandfather, John Henry Crisp listed but failed to see my Father Loman Crisp or his brother Virgill Crisp listed. If you want I could fill in the blanks that exist.
8:19am 02-25-2011
all I need are some tastey waves, a cool buzz and i'm fine
8:48pm 02-17-2011
I was married to William Don Bush, Jr, the son of Martha Bush. I have more information on this. Martha had two sons named Walter Lamar Bush and William Don Bush, Jr. Mr. Hightower published a book which portrayed Martha and I know a lot about all of it.
3:14pm 02-15-2011
Among the many photos I inherited from my great-grandmother, Cora Ellen Blount Bonner, there is an infant photo identified as "Little Hamel Cheshire." The only information I have been able to find about him is in your Hightower data. Both of his parents were born in the area where my great-grandmother grew up, but I cannot make a connection between either of them and my family.
Any additional information about the Cheshire family will be greatly appreciated.
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