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5:17pm 01-02-2011
I contacted you several months back about updating my mother's information on your wonderful website (via your email address). I did not hear back from you. I am wondering if it is because my email is a business email, and you did not open it. This is the only one I use. Please contact me on how to update information. My mother, Betty Jane Hill, died. Also, I would like to share her husband's information (my dad) and her children and grandchildren. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thanks.
2:10am 12-31-2010
After the death of Lela B. Hightower Love, Walker O. Love remarried on 20 Dec 1919 to a M. Elizabeth [Lizzie] Granger .. records in the Cleveland County Marriage recordings.
5:09pm 12-29-2010
hi, one of my great grandfathers was john greer ,his dauther martha emily married my greatgrandfather ,george samuel bailey may24,1839
5:32pm 12-26-2010
You state that John Tyre Curl is the son of James Curl. Do you have any source records for that information, and if you do will you share them or tell me how to obtain them?

9:19am 12-23-2010
My great grandmother had a sister, Mollie, who married George Castleberry. My greatgrandmother was born in 1860 and died in 1949. Is there any chance that this is the same Mollie Castleberry? I have no dates on mine. My gg's birth and death was in Alabama.
7:09pm 12-20-2010
Jack Dillard Hightower died November 6th 2010.
5:59am 12-04-2010
my grandfather (father side ) was joris vickery Thadd and Nannie (Hightower) Vickery .My grand father had 4 sons Francis,Charles,Larry and Michael.I never knew that our family was from Texas thanks for all the hard work you have put in to this
10:20pm 12-03-2010
Naomi Perkins Kincheloe Waterworth was my grandmother on my fathers side
9:13pm 11-28-2010
Peggy Lola Neal Shannon was my grandmother. Your greatgrandfather is also mine. Who was your grandparent from his children?
4:56pm 11-23-2010
My sister, Sara Kelly Krebs Moriarty, was married to John Burns Moriarty. They had three children, John Burns Moriarty, Sara Kelly Moriarty, and Paige Caroline Moriarty. Sara Kelly Moriarty is married to Christopher Hildebrand, Paige Caroline Moriarty is married to Nathan Hartman. Paige and Nate have two children: Owen and Cooper Hartman. John Moriarty, Jr. is married to Elisabeth Arenson and they have a son, John Burns Moriarty, III.
4:47pm 11-23-2010
My Mother was Sara Louise Kelly Krebs. My Uncle, Charles Hightower Kelly, died this past Sunday, November 21, 2010. My grandmother was Talutie Pauline Hightower. My middle name is Hightower. My siser, Sara Kelly Krebs Moriarty, died on August 19, 2002.
9:59am 11-13-2010
Please email me if someone in your family recently lost a camera memory card. One of the photos on the card is a gravestone of Willie Nolan Sartain (1912-1944). That's what lead me to this website.
11:16pm 11-10-2010
Hi. My Great Grandfather is Joe Mize-I dont know if you are interested in having a lot of the information on the Mize family..but if so, you are more than welcome to email me.

11:02pm 10-26-2010
Anthony, Just want to offer a couple of corrections: Ernest James Bush was not an M.D., but an O.D. (optometist). Lavertia Louise Shepherd is actually spelled Levertia Louise Shepherd. I am their granddaughter. Marlo
12:02am 10-26-2010

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my allens familey
john william waters, father was james waters and his mother was minnie carter waters,,,,john had a sister named martha elizeabeth waters,she married hayden payne.he died and she married author rymer. john william waters was my great uncle,martha was my grandmother,they lived in polk tumblin creek grandmother died about 3 yrs.ago at age 92.i remember my great uncle john.i loved him very much.he was very special to all of us.he use to get my mother to drive him back and forth to texas.(denison).i have pictures of john on my website ,he was very tall,and always dress very nice in a suit .my e-mail address is
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