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9:49am 06-26-2010
I am interested in more information on Joseph Eugene Hightower and Mildred Marling Hightower. They were my maternal grandparents, and I am searching for more relatives (living or not), as I have never known anyone in my family, other than my mother. I would really like to have some help on this search, if anyone knows anything. I do know that my mother has (or had) 2 half brothers from her father's first marriage, but I have never met them or any children they may have had, and would really like to find people from my family. Thanks! Andrea
8:39pm 06-18-2010
I'm Nancy Jacobs and I have some correct info for you on the Jacobs family line in Texas. Are we related to the Hightower family?
9:31pm 06-03-2010
I found your rootsweb sight with my information in it. How am I related to you and the Hightower family? Thanks, Keith
2:25pm 06-01-2010
I am Ruben Scott Gonzales, son of Sherrita Sanderson, grandson of Dortha Sanderson. ... Great site & research! Very interesting to see how far back our family lines go! ... I did want to give you some new info. I am no longer married to Noelle Walters. I have a daughter, Desiree Isabella Gonzales (6/12/08) born in Port Charlotte, FL, mother: Elizabeth Ann Green (10/19/1984) born in Allentown, PA. ... Dorean and Tony Gilley have another son, Gabriel Myron Lee Gilley (11/11/07) born in OK. ... Thanks so much!
11:40pm 05-31-2010
Brian Hightower
This is Sherri. I am interested in anything you have on Clement C Hightower
1:43pm 05-30-2010
I am related to the Hightowers through my maternal grandmother she was a Hightower. I just wanted to look at your site to see what I am missing. Thanks Marilyn
11:46pm 05-29-2010
Hello, I was just browsing & found your website. I didn't know how to make corrections so here they are: My mothers name sb Gaytha Gayle DeSpain, b. 5/21/1917, my fathers name is Horace Garland, b. 1/31/1907 d. 9/22/2000, my name sb Ria Gayle Garland b.9/23/1943, my childrens names are Charles Garland Hensley, b. 8/27/1960 & Kimberley Gayle Hensley b.7/20/1961. Thank you & I enjoyed reading about so many people.
2:30am 05-29-2010
Cynthia Ann Wood Hightower married (2) Thomas K. Bradford 16 August 1885 in Adams County, Illinois. Source: Illinois Regional Archives Database online @ http://www.ilsos.gov/GenealogyMWeb/MarriageSearchServlet
11:34pm 05-27-2010
My grandmother was Lillie Louise Hightower of Florida; our side of the family migrated to Florida from Virginia. Lillie married Alex Jasper Dyal who died from the 1918 flu epidemic leaving her with five children to raise on her own.
3:40pm 05-21-2010
Hi! My mother was Nancy A. Hightower, daughter of Ray Hightower and Mattie Bigler. Our HIghtwoer lives in Arkansas we are decended from Merriman Hightower in Virginia. I love in Fairfax, Virginia
10:33am 05-11-2010
Hello, My name is Billy, and I'm from the Huffman side of the family. Earl Spurgeon and Ruby Melton were my grandparents, and Tommie Earl Spurgeon is my Father. My Dad had a wife before Judy Loffer and her name was Lucinda Antoinette Werther. He had Three children with Lucinda: Ginger Lynn Spurgeon, William Earl Spurgeon, Raymond Dewayne Spurgeon. His children with Judy Marie Loffer are: Tommie James Spurgeon, and Amy Michelle Spurgeon. My Aunt Eldred J. Morrow, her son Larry Robert Morrow Jr. died yesterday at the age of 43.( May 10,2010). If you need anymore info on the Spurgeon family,let me know and I'll be glad to help.
10:58pm 05-06-2010
Hi...I went to your link to the Camp side. You mentioned a Cameron J Camp. He has a brother named John Derwood Camp who is about 4 years younger. Anyway I am looking for Cameron J Camp. My Dad (John) his brother is very sick with cancer and would like to find him. They lost track of each other about 5 years ago. Do you have any idea where we might locate him? Thank you so much for your help. Oh....their cousin is Jim Keith and I have also been trying to find him for my Dad.
10:49am 05-05-2010
I heard from Frank Keith today. Not sure what all you may need, but I can offer a couple of things. I am the living child, Richard Alvin Straub, born August 6, 1940 in Oklahoma City. Currently reside in Morristown, NJ, with spouse, Linda Jane (Nashak) Straub. Have daughter, Amy, residing in Toledo, Ohio. My mother, Shirley Raye Hightower, died in Omaha, Nebraska, and was never a resident of Meade, Kansas. Her ashes are in Ava, Missouri. My father, Alvin Ernest, is correctly shown as having died and been buried in Meade, Kansas. Be happy to help in any way that I can. Dick Straub
11:00pm 05-04-2010

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Hi! I am [URL=http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hightower&id=I103527]Louise May Fisher[/URL]s great-grandaughter. On that page (your page for her), you don't have my grandmother listed. My Grandmother is Charlotte Lang. She isn't the daughter of Johnnie Fisher, so you might have her listed somewhere else. If you could contact me that'd be great! Thanks! Ainslie Jackson
11:58am 05-01-2010
I was a close friend of Shirley Raye Hightower and Alvin Ernest Straub in New Youk and in Oklahoma -- they were godparents for my eldest at his baptism in Bartlesville. Do you possibly have a contact for their son, Dick Straub (Richard Alvin). Have lost contact. Thanks. J. Frank Keith, Retired professor, Univ of South Carolina
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