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12:02am 10-26-2010

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my allens familey
john william waters, father was james waters and his mother was minnie carter waters,,,,john had a sister named martha elizeabeth waters,she married hayden payne.he died and she married author rymer. john william waters was my great uncle,martha was my grandmother,they lived in polk tumblin creek grandmother died about 3 yrs.ago at age 92.i remember my great uncle john.i loved him very much.he was very special to all of us.he use to get my mother to drive him back and forth to texas.(denison).i have pictures of john on my website ,he was very tall,and always dress very nice in a suit .my e-mail address is
3:42pm 10-25-2010
I am working on the Allen's family. My wife Wilma (High) Heil sister is Nancy Charlene (High) Allen married to Alvin Lee Allen. Any information on the Allen's would be most helpful. Thanks Walter
6:36pm 10-24-2010
I am tracing my genealogy, and have found 2 possible spellings for my grandmother Lizzie Easter, the other being Elizabeth. My grand mothers birth date is 2-20-1897 of Anniston Mo. I have her death date as 3 Dec1987.if these dates correspond with yours, please lets get together and see if weare related. hoping to hear from you
1:31pm 10-21-2010
Tony, I have been in contact with you quite sometime ago. I am still working on family geneaology and have a friend who knows a lot more than I know. It's interesting to see my family included on your site. Ewing Prock and Maude Boone Prock were my grandparents. My Mother was Alta.
12:42am 10-20-2010
very interested in my background and family
5:37pm 10-15-2010

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Hey Tony, thought I would stop by and visit your site. Larry Rue
8:41pm 10-12-2010
Needham Leroy Rash was my grandfather. I am Roy Clifford Rash's daughter. Are you Frances Rash's family member?
11:39am 10-08-2010
Make that Thanks
1:06am 10-08-2010
Johnnie Clebert Fisher III Is my father. Im Jason Scott Fisher son of Sallie fisher. Never met him and last few years have wanted to find him or if i have other family out there. So if anyone would like to email me would love to hear from you.
1:04pm 10-07-2010
Hi Anythony. I've been updating some information on my family tree and came across yours. Emma Hightower and Augusts Chapel were my great-grandparents. You have one of their children (my dad) named wrong. Do I provide the information to you through this or some other way? You have a lot of information that is very helpful. Thank you.
10:33pm 10-06-2010
Related to David Goldwasser - died in October, 1945; wife, Lillian Greenberg, not Greenberry - died sometime after the birth of Milton Jack, October 1, 1913 and January, 1920 as she was absent from 1920 Census
10:22pm 10-06-2010

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Love your site and it gives me a ton of useful information. On my site I have just obtained a copy of a photo of William Moss and Rachel Brattain Moss. I am more than willing to email and share with anyone who would be willing to share their information with me as well. I have been to Moss cemetery in Morgan county as well and can give information on this as well and I hope to save the cemetery which is in sad shape, and maybe create a reunion of sorts.
11:32am 10-02-2010
I am looking for more information on Michael Eugene Curfman who is listed in your tree. If you have more information or can put me in contact with someone that does, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lara
1:18pm 10-01-2010
Tony, My grandmother is Elizabeth Easter, borned 2/20/1897. She ceased to use the name Elizabeth and only used Lizzie. Can be confirmed on my Grandfathers death certificate I previously sent to you. (Joel Robert Meadows-Grandfather). Granny as we called her, pass away in Novermber 1987. I was at her funeral in Anniston, MO. You can double verify by checking her SSI number 330-26-6288. JEWELL THOMAS MEADOWS
7:09am 10-01-2010
How do I put my children on the Hightower ancestry? I was married to Matthew Thorpe Fortson- (Bonnie King Fortson) children: Desiree' Nicole Fortson, Phaidra Estelle Fortson, Matthew Thorpe Fortson JR.
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