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1:55pm 04-27-2009
William M. Baker was a ggUncle. Henry M. Baker his brother was my gggrandfather. Henry's son Kim Buck Baker was my grandfather.
9:24am 04-26-2009
I have found the Hightower Family Genealogical Database has a entry of my Grandmother Elizabeth McMullen. Elizabeth (Betty) died when my Dad Willie & Twin brother Wiley Fogle was Born in 1904. My Family has never seen our Grandmother & would like to know if anyone has a Picture of Her. Please let me know at the above e-mail address.

gene fogle
4:34pm 04-22-2009
Was Joseph a brother of John Benton Gregory? He seems to match up with what I have if so please write me.... My daughter is related though Keen, Douglas, Gregory, McCarty, Black....
6:50pm 04-21-2009
In regard to: Hightower Family Genealogical Database

ID# Jessie Mary Thrailkill Stith (wife of Farmer H. Stith) Laclede County, Mo.

I am researching Jessie Thrailkill Stith Willard

Jessie's parents were:

1. Layfayette and Lucy McComas Thrailkill - Lucy's parents were:
2. Israel A. and Martha Jane Bennett McComas - Martha's parents were:
3. Jeremiah and Mary Jane Edmonds Bennett. (my GG Grandparents.)
10:00pm 04-19-2009
HI, I hope you can help. I have been looking for Frank Healy's genealogy. I know his father is George Healy, Mother Annie. I have several possibilities for Annie's
maiden name. Would you know ? Or have info. She died when Frank was about 13 years old. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Brenda
6:46pm 04-19-2009
I may be wrong but I believe that your Albert W. Vandusen/VanDusen b. 1919, I have him born in Arkansas. Parents: Harlen E. VanDusen and Tennie Broymon. If you think we might connect email me....
12:51pm 04-12-2009
please contact me
1:07am 04-11-2009
William, John & Benjamin Walker,& Robert Benjamin Walker are all my relatives.
I was born in Rutledge, Grainger County, Tennessee in 1938. I have enjoyed finding your listings and appreciate your work. I didn't know I had so many cousins! God Bless You.
Thank you Anthony :
6:27am 04-10-2009
Hello! I just would like to thank you for so helpful website. I have found a lot of interesting information.
11:46pm 04-01-2009
Thank you for this information! My grandfather is Floyd K. Brannon and I have had a hard time finding any extra information. Like siblings, parents and grandparents. Thank you!
3:25pm 03-30-2009

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It's not my database, but it has a conflict with your database regarding the marriage of Mary Mozelle Hightower and Charles Hamilton Hatcher. The Hatcher database has them marrying in Alabama, you have Florida. I'm a former wife of Donald Hatcher, one of their many sons.
3:56pm 03-28-2009
Hi my mother was Augusta Jane Cathey. Her father was George Washington Cathey. Her mother was Amy ? Louisa Hightower. Do you know what her frist name is. Everywhere I have found her, it is different. On George W. Cathey death cert. she is listed as Ayre Louisa Cathey. I haven't found a death cert. for her. I have more infor. on my family than you have listed. If you would like what I have contack me at gbusby0420@gmail.com and thanks for all the help so far
2:28pm 03-26-2009
I posted about a year ago and now I hope I have my facts straight. Clement C. Hightower was born in Nov. 1858 in Arkansas. He marries Nympha Romero in Socorro NM. Their children were: Clement JR. who died as an infant in Socorro, Frederick Grover, Anthony Cree, Taylor Clay, and Genevieve. He is listed in "NM Prominent Men". He is also listed in some historic novels written about NM. He owned the El Farol newspaper and the Socorro Chieftan. Both for a short time. I know he must be connected to the other Hightower families in NM. I do not know his parents or how he got to NM. I would appreciate ANY help I can get. Thank you for all of your hard work. Sherri
10:03pm 03-24-2009
You have my brother, Fred Karl Swenke date of birth wrong. It is 2 Aug 1948.
8:52pm 03-21-2009

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I have the paternal side for the children of Nancy Hightower and David Richards.
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