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7:41pm 02-28-2009
My 3rd great-grandfather is John T. Underwood, husband of Rebecca Hightower.  I have a newspaper clipping from around 1910 with a photo of John T. and his son Daniel Richard Underwood at a confederate veterans meeting in Atlanta.  In the photo, John T. is 85 and son Daniel is 65.  I would be happy to share with those interested in it.  My email is lagheath@verizon.net.  Lou Ann Heath
12:37pm 02-26-2009
Bessie Hightower is my great grandmother, my grandparents are Nita and Jake Wougamon.  My family history is something that interests me but i don't know much about it.
1:47pm 02-22-2009
William A. Easley was in the 146th, Battery A. I have numerous photos which may have images of your relative. He is my grandfather. My grandmother was from El Capitan, the old stage station.
I will post one on my website: sequoialogistics.net.
5:12am 02-19-2009
I am researching James K P Taylor and his wives.  My wife is an ancestor of his son Joseph Alonso.  You identify James K P Taylor's first wife as Josephine...can you tell me the source of this information?  I have been trying to do more research on her.  My wife's family has said that "Josephine" was Cherokee.  Have you come across any of that in your research?   John
6:11pm 02-14-2009

I am the daughter of Wyman Stanley Vibbard and Rena Maude (Maud) Kelso.  You have my father's name spelled wrong.    My father was born May 24,  1934 and died Sept. 7, 1995.   My mother was born Oct. 20, 1938 and is still living.  My father and mother have 3 children:  Tresa Jannette Vibbard (Bynum, Edwards) born Oct. 15, 1956, Bonita Kay Vibbard  (Burns) born Nov. 8, 1957, and Stanley Wayne Vibbard born  April 1961 and died Sept 1962.   I have a son Shawn Bruce Bynum born July 10, 1982, (son of Bart Lee Bynum and Tresa Jannette Vibbard).  Can you add any of this to you file?
6:04pm 02-06-2009
My great grandmother is Arteley Prock dau of Levi Prock and Margaret Jane Baker, so I began backtracking the Procks and became confused at William Yowell Prock,he seems to have a different father than his siblings and he is 20 years older than the nearest sibling listed as Hiram Bruce Crisp.Apparently if her maiden name was Prock and she married Crisp his name should also be Crisp.There is something confusing in the information
4:56pm 02-04-2009
I am a direct descendent of Lena Benton and Milton Willis, her parents were Daniel Benton and julia Stebbins, am trying to find the connection to jessie Benton, can you help.
Thank you
8:07am 02-04-2009
I am a descendant of James Hightower,Jr. He is my grandfather. His mother and father are James Sr and Bessie Hightower.They were from Ga but moved to Chattanooga,TN
My e-mail is g_hightower@yahoo.com
4:43am 01-29-2009
I found my grandfather on your listing...James Robert Hightower died in Elsen Germany in 2006. I would like to know more about his family ....I live on the east coast, but it looks like most Hightowers  are from the south. I wonder how far back we go ....and I am interested in looking at a family tree if one is available.
1:52am 01-29-2009
James Leonard Aishman is my Grandfather.
9:40pm 01-26-2009
have you data on margaret prock's maiden name.  she was the wife of paul prack, sr. born 1717 in germany.  also, what was paul's father's first name.  where in union co., south carolina did margaret died in 1782.
7:41pm 01-24-2009
Hello! recently i have become interested in my family history. i came across your page while searching about my ancestor Robert Crittenden Wilson who married your ancestor Lillie Pearl Hightower.  Robert Crittenden Wilson is my great grandfather's brother. My great grandfather is David Joshua Wilson, his son-my grandfather- is D.J. Wilson.  I have a little bit of information regarding Robert Crittenden Wilson's family history. please let me know if you  are interested in sharing information. thanks!
7:55pm 01-22-2009
I just came across your information and my mothers grandmother is there.
I am on the perry side of rosie lee webb and ernest melton perry.
2:06pm 01-22-2009
I forgot that my e-mail address would not show.  billieburt@sbcglobal.net   If any other descendants of William Henry Channel and Keziah Norton Channel should read this, please contact me.
2:01pm 01-22-2009
I'm a grandson of Christopher Columbus Channel, who was older brother to Dollie Channel Hightower.  I would like to exchange information with you.
A renewed gathering of information about William Henry Channel and descendants is underway - and several of us are searching for the name of the father of William Henry.
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