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3:45pm 07-20-2009
John Thomas Hightower was the 1st husband of my Grandmother, Lydia A. Carr. They had one son, Willie. Willie died at age two from a spinal problem from birth. After Tom Hightower died, Lydia A. Carr married my Grandfather, Mark R. Moore in Oklahoma. Do you have a picture of John Thomas Hightower or Tom and Lydia or his parents to share with me? Thank you.
3:56pm 07-12-2009

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I have a web page with, but I will have to have your e-mail address, so that you can enter the site.
Fletcher is my uncle and Boice is my first cuz. Vern
1:05am 07-06-2009
Hi, Believe me I ran across this quite by accident & am very interested in finding out more about the Dungan connection. Many of the things that are listed on my immediate dungan family are very wrong. I'll try to straighten out a few things. My grandparents are Lee Roy(he went by Roy) Dungan & Alice Vivian Cosgrove Dungan:she went by Vivian & was called Sister & Aunt Sister. Granddaddy was born in the Bailey community (east of Marlow) June 29, 1898 or 99. There is some dispute. He died at home in eastern comanche county Oct. 21, 1976. Grandmama was born in Wise County, TX April 8, 1902 and had a stroke April 8, 1967 on her 65th birthday. To us she died right then, but machines kept her alive for 2 more days. She also died at home as far as the family is concerned. They were married Dec. 25, 1919 in the Bailey community. Their first child Lee Edward was born April 26, 1921 east of marlow. He married Hazel Smith of Faxon, Ok Dec. 23, 1944. She was born June 9, 1920. They had no children. My daddy, James Elvin Dungan, was born Dec. 16, 1922 at Horseshoe Bend east of Marlow. He married my mama, Virginia Pearl Jarvis, June 7, 1941 at Bethel Methodist Church in eastern Comanche County. Mama was born Sep. 2,1924 in Chillicothe, Tx. (to be cont.)
12:23pm 06-27-2009
Thank You! Finally found the Hightower connection on your list, after extending birthdates a few years either direction. Elizabeth J. Hightower I.D. 16364 , is my GG Grandmother on my Father's side. Now all I need is her husband William G. Cox's parents. The Slappeys, Sapps, Hollands, and other lines, are already well documented. Thank you again, for access to all this information.
5:04pm 06-26-2009
You have a Joseph A. Hightower in your file who is shown on the 1860 census as the son of Charnel Hightower Jr. and 1870 census close by and then appears no where else. I am researching my husbands family of Hightowers, and he has a Joseph Allen Sr bn 1850. and a Jr. Hightower as his grandparents. Joseph Allen Sr. comes from a family of 13 children and some step siblings if he is the one listed as Charnel's son. Maybe someone will see this and have more info. I have come to believe that these two are the one and the same, although it may never be proven. Information on this Charnel family is scarce. You can email me Joy Hightower
10:47am 06-16-2009
Im trying to find out if this John Empson Fitch was one of my ancestors or not. I do know that my great grandfather was William Oscar Fitch, born 5-11-1897, died 1-1--1963 and his father was a John Fitch born around 1870. The only information I have on him is his social security number and that he served in World War I as a laborer. If there is anyway you could help me I would greatly appreciate it! My number is 580-775-3975. Thanks a bunch!
6:02pm 06-12-2009
My wife's name is Julia Kay Schnautz. It is listed wrong.
4:21pm 06-11-2009
want to let you know Mildred Freeman died 6-01-09 buried at sulphur springs cemetery
5:52pm 06-06-2009

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I'm new to genealogy, working to collect and transcribe a wealth of research from paper records created by older family members. My grandmother Iva Veasey / Veazey Grizzle had a twin sister, Eva Veasey / Veazey who married Raymond Victor Hightower. I appreciate the work you have done in Franklin County, Texas. I am adding photos to Find A Grave website. I'm a neophyte with genealogy on the web, just learning about RootsWeb and other sites. Hope to shed my disorientation ASAP.
9:16pm 06-01-2009
I am working on my husband's family tree. He is a grandson of Roy Georgeman Tilley and ggggrandson of Henry and Mary (Rose) Tilley. You have done some remarkable research and I have enjoyed browsing your website. I have gained alot of useful info.
9:16am 06-01-2009
I wanted to let you know that you missed a child on the list for Billie B. and James Enoch Baker. They had another daughter named Judy G. Baker
1:59pm 05-27-2009
Hi my name is Cathy. I was looking at the website and see that you have my Grandmother name wrong. Nola Pauline Scarborough was my granny. she was the daughter of James Whit Scarborough and Lula Hightower. I will be happy to give you all the information about her and her children if you would like. I also email you with some of that information. I would like to know more about Lula Hightower Mother Rebecca can you help me with that? thanks
1:31pm 05-26-2009
Roy O. Bollinger Birth correction B.1906 Father John Calvin born 18 January, 1881 Died 30 November, 1943. Grandfather: Thomas Henry Bollinger Born 17 September 1845 Stoddard County Mo. Grandmother: Barbary Jane (Adams) Born 6 March 1846 Stoddard County Mo. Son #2 born to John Calvin and Maude (Wair) Bollinger James Claud Bollinger Born 4 January 1910 Rockeyford Colo. Died 6 March 1995 Married Freda Lavonne (HOLLINGSWORTH) Born 18 December 1915, Talala, Oklahoma. 11 October 1941. Died 1 February 2008. 3 Children all living.
2:22pm 05-25-2009
I am not sure how to contact you, however, you have entered incorrect information on Allan Tawlks, Spouse Lena Dowden. First of all his name is spelled Allan G. Tawlks. Lena was his 2nd wife which he adopted her four kids name, Greg, Doug, Vicki and Mark. Allan's blood children are Melinda Tawlks Williams and Rae Ann Tawlks Weber. Just so your facts are straight. If you would like to email me my email is I would like to know how you obtained your information. Thanks Melinda Tawlks Williams
1:27pm 05-22-2009
Sorry Scott, but your grandpa York passed away on the 28 of April. Mom
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