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11:41am 03-10-2010
Hello, just thought I would say hello. William Bryant McKeel and Margaret Elizabeth Summers are my Great, Gr, Gr. Grandparents. Their daughter Lydia Luvenia Emily McKeel was my Gr,Gr. Grandmother. She raised my Grandpa Joe Haun. His mama died while giving him birth. One of the stories I use to hear about Grandma Lydia (McKeel) Haun was that when the postman would come to deliver mail (they lived way out in the country in Oklahoma) she would insist that he would come up to the house and have a glass of sweet tea and a slice of pie she had made. If he didn't; he'd get a talkin to Ha! My family still owns the old Homestead that her and her husband James P. Haun built after they came from Webster Missouri by covered wagon to Oklahoma. It still has the old out house and the milk barn and many of the old buildings still standing. The house is a "dugout"; when you look out the kitchen window, your almost at ground level. There's flowers right there in front of your face. Strange. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the info. God Bless. Tammy Dee.
4:01am 03-07-2010
My GG Grandparents were, Nathaniel Starkey Freeman, and Martha Caroline Tilley.

I am a Mize. My Fathers name was Ray Dean Mize. His parents were, Joseph Decatur Mize, and Mary Ann Freeman. Thank you for the information.
10:06pm 03-05-2010
What wonderful work you have done! I am the great granddaughter of Joseph H. Hightower & Mary Stone. My grandfather, Ernest Hightower, ( ID I95328), is listed as death unknown. He died on April 25, 1973 in Mecklenburg County, VA. He was married to Doris Wells, daughter of Richard and Ada Wells of Mecklenburg County. I would be happy to give you any info on their decendents if you want. Thank you so much for the work you do.
8:12am 03-05-2010
I am looking to find my mothers father or family to know something about him. Cody L. Dunn never married my grandmother, but my mother was their only child. The only information that I have is his name and he was 22 in 1923 the year my mother was born. My grandmothers name was Ruth Alice Leslie, my mother was born in Michigan (Grand Rapids). That's all I know, my mother passed away 9/20/09 and never knew her father.
3:51pm 03-03-2010
Thenak you for your tremendous efforts! I am related to Stephens,, Hise, Macom, Butler, Bell, Hawkins, Robinson, Compton, Shaw, Chitwood, Hiatt and Simmons.. Mostly Miss., and Oklahoma in the lasr 100 years.
10:55pm 02-25-2010

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.

Robert Evans Va>NC> and on to Ga
Thank you for the online post. I am related to the Moon's, Randolphs, Harrison,s Sikes, and Evans, lines from Jackson Co Ga.
3:15pm 02-25-2010
Thank you for online information of the descendants of Albert Joel BLANCHARD. His mother Harriett E. MILLER (ID 92484) is my 2C2R and did you know, is 5C2R of Senator Jay ROCKEFELLER, WVA. The senator's ggm is Adeline Elizabeth MILLER, b. 1841. I have Harriett's Miller ancestry back to the first Miller of this line in America in 1630-glad to share. I am located in Bartlesville, OK.
3:50am 02-21-2010

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.

I do not have a website, but have info listed in as Crowe Family Tree. I am still working on it to get all the dates added.
My grandmother's name is Alice Anthony Hightower married to Johnny Alvin Crowe and my dad's name is Haden Ray Crowe (born Nov 3, 1924 and died April 14, 1980). I have found census that states my grandmother was living on the Cherokee Nation when she was 14 years old. Do you know if she was Native Indian? If so, can you please forward info to my email. Also, Emma Lois Crowe was born December 26 (not sure of year) and she passed away I believe in 2007. Thank you, Ann
10:16pm 02-19-2010
I am trying to find out how to discover William Hamm - B. 1716 in Hamm Germany fathers name. Who was the father and mother of William and Moses Hamm? Great info. for sure. Thank you.
12:50am 02-18-2010
Hello: Harley Thomas Hightower was married to my Aunt Louise Thompson. She was the daughter of Ollie Thompson and Georgia Lucille Young Thompson(Mobile,Ala.-Stockton-Bay Minette-Elberta Ala.) I spent so much time w/Louise, her brother "Boots" in Alabama.

Harley Hightower buried in Mobile Memorial Gardens(Tillman Corner-Mobile,Ala) I would like to connect with their living children. My mother is deceased, she was an older sister of Louise. She was Eleanor Eloise Thompson Henderson. I am Carol Ann Henderson Young, living in Sugarland, Texas.

I was born in Pensacola, Florida but lived on the Thompson Farm when I was a tot.

Hope to hear from you!!
5:17pm 02-15-2010
Hello Cousins, I also have ancestors in the Trice Family Cemetery in Upson Co, Ga. An interesting coincidence sparked me to write when I spotted your site just now. I was looking up someone in the Youngblood family and saw that the Hightower family file was the top source and was based on Trice Cemetery information. The icing on the cake is that I currently work in South Carolina with both a Youngblood and a Hightower.
Best wishes, Fletcher Trice
5:04am 02-08-2010
The picture of Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman is a crop of a picture that is in my possession. The picture is question has Isaac Pinson Shipman sitting in a chair and Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman standing next to him. Jenna Snyder asked me in an e-mail for the original, that she had one but it was faded. This picture in its entirety can be seen on Ancestry and the date that it was added. I also have the original picture and the two crops I made off of it on CD storage. This picture was found in a box that belonged to Ollie Frances Shipman Cosgrove in 1981. That is my crop of Mary Lucinda Bratton on your tree. Please give credit where credit is due.
Patricia Groceman Crawford
Wanda Conner Groceman
Nina Corrine Cosgrove Conner Cullom
Ollie Frances Shipman Cosgrove
Mary Lucinda Bratton Shipman
7:21pm 02-07-2010

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box. is now also online at
Hope all is well with you I just got a new computer so I will be online more now.
Have update on my line again... My aunt, Aline (Georgia Aline Hightower...wife of Cornelius Hall(Pete) Hightower Jr. has passed away this year. I will collect her info and write to you again soon. now online also at Have update on my Hightower line, my aunt, Aline (Georgia Aline Nettles Hightower) wife of Cornelius Hall (Pete) Hightower Jr. has passed away this year ... I will gather her info and check back with you soon.
8:46pm 02-05-2010
Hi, I don't know where your information came from, but my mother, Laura Reigh Beals Merliss is listed wrong on your pages. I think perhaps my cousin, Michael Gallegos, has posted this information. My mother's name was Laura Reigh Beals Merliss. That's Reigh with an R, not L. Would you be so kind to correct your information. Thank you.
6:43pm 01-30-2010
Tony I'm sorry but the year that I gave you on Cayden Eugene Shields is 2008 not 2009. His mothe is Christina Ann Hightower (Shields). Thank you
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