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10:49am 05-05-2010
I heard from Frank Keith today. Not sure what all you may need, but I can offer a couple of things. I am the living child, Richard Alvin Straub, born August 6, 1940 in Oklahoma City. Currently reside in Morristown, NJ, with spouse, Linda Jane (Nashak) Straub. Have daughter, Amy, residing in Toledo, Ohio.

My mother, Shirley Raye Hightower, died in Omaha, Nebraska, and was never a resident of Meade, Kansas. Her ashes are in Ava, Missouri. My father, Alvin Ernest, is correctly shown as having died and been buried in Meade, Kansas.

Be happy to help in any way that I can.

Dick Straub
11:00pm 05-04-2010

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Hi! I am [URL=]Louise May Fisher[/URL]s great-grandaughter. On that page (your page for her), you don't have my grandmother listed. My Grandmother is Charlotte Lang. She isn't the daughter of Johnnie Fisher, so you might have her listed somewhere else. If you could contact me that'd be great! Thanks! Ainslie Jackson
11:58am 05-01-2010
I was a close friend of Shirley Raye Hightower and Alvin Ernest Straub in New Youk and in Oklahoma -- they were godparents for my eldest at his baptism in Bartlesville. Do you possibly have a contact for their son, Dick Straub (Richard Alvin). Have lost contact. Thanks.

J. Frank Keith, Retired professor, Univ of South Carolina
10:56pm 04-24-2010
My name is Matt Stothart. I am a grandson of Louise Alice Rigdon through her son Henry Gray Stothart. just droppin by and saying hello
11:03am 04-23-2010
Hi Zo Ann,
I'm back in Maine after my mother's memorial service. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the phone numbers and addresses for you and Avis before I left. I've googled you but not come up with much except this link. I just wanted to make sure you knew how beautiful the flowers were that you sent and how very much appreciated they were. Love, Valerie
7:37am 04-15-2010
Good morning. I am searching for a copy of Precious Memories by Dona Eason. Do you have a copy available for purchase?
9:29pm 04-13-2010
You have the wrong spouse for my father. Correct spouse is Louella Hightower not Ina bell, Ina bell was my moms sister. Just for what its worth
1:37pm 04-13-2010
hi, in connection to Senoia Onyx Tew-She and Kenneth Williamson died several years ago from esophageal cancer. His parents were Hamp Williamson and Ella Mae Green Williamson (who are my great grandparents, as Kenneth was my grandfather's brother). Senoia is now married to Mike McGreggor. She also has 5 grandchildren.
12:40am 04-09-2010
I am a grandaughter of John Lee Denney & Bessie Pauline Denney. John Lee 's Mother was Mary Elizabeth (Hightower) Denney. My mother is John and bessies youngest child Donna Belle (Denney) Nolen. I'm searching for information on Mary Elizabeth Hightower's parents and Grandparents. If you have any information you can share please contact me.... Thank you !!!!
1:44pm 04-01-2010
I can't believe that you found that PRICELESS letter that Aley Davis Dodd wrote! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to read that! God bless you for finding that!
3:40pm 03-29-2010

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no I do not
I am tracing david l cubbedge who married Julia K. (her previous marriage name i
DO NOT HAVE. Julia was first counsin to my Mom. my Mom Julia Ellen Ogden Ogden from cheshire massachusettts Thank you Anthony, Patti
1:55pm 03-26-2010
You may want to change a couple of mistakes in your databases. Under Robert Henderson Smalling who married Minerva Rebecca Hightower you listed a daughter Annie Louise. Her name is Annie Laurie. Also you have Clarence D. for the youngest child. His correct middle name is Dudley. I am Annie Laurie's granddaughter. My mother was her daughter. Clarence lived with our family for many years. Thanks
5:58pm 03-24-2010

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I am a descendant of Cornelia Ross
I am a descendant of Cornelia Ross. love your link, thank you fro the hard work!
sincerely Diane Schock
6:23pm 03-22-2010

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.

I have read some of your research regarding IssacI Broxton, my great grandfather. I was wondering if you had any information on Hanna Dorman ,his wife.
8:38am 03-21-2010
My mother is Robin Michelle Butler married to Tony Irvin Sommer. I saw her on this + was wondering where u got all this. I had to ask her twenty times b4 she told me anything useful
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