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8:33pm 09-20-2009
I have a friend who rescued several pictures and documents and old pictures of the John Fleming Hightower family in Brundidge, AL. The building was being torn down and all of the pictures and even the family Bible was left scattered on the floor. He has had them for many years and wishes to pass them on to an interested family member. Do you know of anyone form that family who might be interested?
1:06pm 09-17-2009
I'm looking for any information on the Reynolds/Hightower family. I know that my gg Grandfather was Ansel Reynolds and my gg Grandmother was Matilda M. Hightower. I also know that somehow Joshua Hightower is linked to my family, his son being Smith Washington Hightower, who married Elvira Evelyn Reynolds.
Any information is greatly welcomed.
8:05pm 09-16-2009
I am the great-granddaughter of William Bennett Williams and Fannie Louise Hines, listed in your Hightower genealogy. I would be happy to fill in some blanks for you, if you are interested. Thanks for all your work. Casaundra Bennett
11:34am 09-15-2009
Just a follow up on previous note. I did not realize Ida Pearl was the wrong Ida Pearl .She was born 10 Jan 1891. Married to Lewis Payton. Her sister Bess was married to a Hightower. I will follow up later with you. Thanks, Shirley
11:25am 09-15-2009
My Grandfather was married to Ida Pearl's mother Amanda. I am trying to find more information on her. I just have the information that they were married. Do you have any more information in regards to them. I would appreciate any help or information you may wish to share. Thank you so much. Mrs. Mangum
12:46pm 08-29-2009

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box. (still working on it)
I was wondering if you have any photos of William Arnold Hightower or Martha Eliza Hightower. These are my great great grandparents. Thanks for any help you can give me. Warm regards....Jackie Lattery
3:47pm 08-25-2009
Came across your site when "Googling". Info is on my maternal grandparents, Avritt's: for your records and corrections to their names: Paul McGonagle Avritt b 4 Apr 1876 in Dyersburg, Dyer, Tennessee, d 7 Jul 1956 in Weatherford, Custer Co, Oklahoma and spouse:
Martha Susan Dickens b 16 Mar 1880 in Enola, Faulkner, Arkansas. She died 12 May 1970 in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma. Both are buried: Weatherford, Custer, Oklahoma.
8:49pm 08-21-2009
I came across your page when looking for McKrola entries. I am Lorraine Jean McKrola's first cousin, she, her husband Robert Gordon Shaw and their son Scott Leroy Shaw are all dead. If you would like me to gather together the specific date and place of death, I would be glad to get that information for you. Please note the spelling of Lorraine.
8:19pm 08-21-2009
I hadn't talked to you in years I have alot more info for you on the Mace family contact me when you get time.
2:32pm 08-11-2009
I am a granddaughter of Bennett Evans and Evie Lillian Prock Hunt. I notice that your information regarding their children is incomplete. If you belong to, you may retrieve the information from there.

How are we related to your family?
12:07am 08-08-2009
incorrect information on ID: I39984 Reference Number: 39984. Marriage and children; Sharmon L. Heckert, Shellmaire Skinner. Mrs. Sontona J. Coy is living.
3:06am 08-06-2009
parents , carl hightower and jasil marie ledbetter hightower married in breckenridge ,texas Oct 12, 1936, both borned in Young county ,texas carl July 4,1914 and jasil aug 22,1921. I have two brothers tracy rodrickhightower and timothy carl higtower and iam chockie lee hightower
12:44am 08-05-2009
I am the daughter-in-law of Lawrence Radolph Hightower and Karan Gail Hightower. I married Richard Christian HIghtower and my maddien name was Baldwin.I would be happy to provide any additional information for the family tree.

Lanette 916-217-5590
7:22pm 08-04-2009
wonderful information, my mother is a gooch decended through nathaniel gooch older brother of sicily gooch hightower i have a tree at and am currently working with family tree to get my tree uploaded- alot of the gooch family moved west with the transylvania company throught he hart family-mark
1:28pm 07-31-2009
Hi, I am descended from Adam Brinegar and have the line back into Germany, including the immigrant information. My line from Adam it through Jacob then Thomas to William Sr. then William T. then Alvin H. then my father, William Thomas Brinegar.

I do have a website, but it is password protected. If you are interested in the Brinegar research and request an invitation, I will be happy to send you an invitation.
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