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8:07am 02-04-2009
I am a descendant of James Hightower,Jr. He is my grandfather. His mother and father are James Sr and Bessie Hightower.They were from Ga but moved to Chattanooga,TN
My e-mail is g_hightower@yahoo.com
4:43am 01-29-2009
I found my grandfather on your listing...James Robert Hightower died in Elsen Germany in 2006. I would like to know more about his family ....I live on the east coast, but it looks like most Hightowers  are from the south. I wonder how far back we go ....and I am interested in looking at a family tree if one is available.
1:52am 01-29-2009
James Leonard Aishman is my Grandfather.
9:40pm 01-26-2009
have you data on margaret prock's maiden name.  she was the wife of paul prack, sr. born 1717 in germany.  also, what was paul's father's first name.  where in union co., south carolina did margaret died in 1782.
7:41pm 01-24-2009
Hello! recently i have become interested in my family history. i came across your page while searching about my ancestor Robert Crittenden Wilson who married your ancestor Lillie Pearl Hightower.  Robert Crittenden Wilson is my great grandfather's brother. My great grandfather is David Joshua Wilson, his son-my grandfather- is D.J. Wilson.  I have a little bit of information regarding Robert Crittenden Wilson's family history. please let me know if you  are interested in sharing information. thanks!
7:55pm 01-22-2009
I just came across your information and my mothers grandmother is there.
I am on the perry side of rosie lee webb and ernest melton perry.
2:06pm 01-22-2009
I forgot that my e-mail address would not show.  billieburt@sbcglobal.net   If any other descendants of William Henry Channel and Keziah Norton Channel should read this, please contact me.
2:01pm 01-22-2009
I'm a grandson of Christopher Columbus Channel, who was older brother to Dollie Channel Hightower.  I would like to exchange information with you.
A renewed gathering of information about William Henry Channel and descendants is underway - and several of us are searching for the name of the father of William Henry.
11:26pm 01-21-2009
I am a relative of Rachel McKinney who married into the Cornelius family.  I have some more information on them, if you would like to share that would be great.  My email address is silveradordr@yahoo.com  
12:58pm 01-21-2009
9:11pm 01-19-2009

I just started today 1/19/2008 searching my genealogy. It is apparent you have been doing this for some time. So I am thinking you can help me with my endeavor since we have some common ancestry. So far I only know that my great grand parents are Elihu L. Shaw and Garrett Elizabeth Gallahan. My grandfather is Simon Peter Shaw and grandmother is Martha Jane Scoggins. Their youngest son, Clarence Edward Shaw, is my father. So where does Hightower genealogy begin and how does that then lead to your name of Rockefeller?

Anthony (Tony) Shaw
4:48pm 01-15-2009
Trying to find the link between all of the Shadrach Wrens coming out of NC.  My Josiah Renn/Wren had a son named Shadrach.  Family tradition says that his middle name was Alley.  It is interesting that Shadrach Alley lived in Rutherford Co. NC.  It is also interesting that Josiah's son, Shadrach, married a Nancy ALLEY.  Looking for any data in NC on Josiah who went to Greene Co. TN ca the 1820's.  Is he the Jospeh Rin in 1810 Buncombe Co. NC?
11:57pm 01-14-2009
I am a cousin of Betty Lou Nemmer.  Her  grandmother was my father's aunt.  Betty's Father was Frank Nemmer and he was the son of Ferris Habib Nemmer and Betty Glauberg.  I would like more information on Betty Lou and will share what information I have on her grandparents if you would like more information.
7:04am 01-12-2009
I am the Great Grandson of Charlie M. Hightower. If you want or need more information regarding my family please feel free to email.
1:01am 01-12-2009
I am the mother-in-law of Christopher Alan Faircloth.  His wife is Samantha Rae Black.
Kenneth and Shirley Coffman Faircloth have two additional children to the two listed on your site.
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