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3:16am 03-23-2017
Dear Tony, I've been checking in on the Hightower Family Geneology database since I found my family listed. I have some questions about ancestry associated with the Hightower family and the Choctaw and (possibly) Chickasaw nations. I'm just beginning to research my ancestry and am not seeking membership in any native nation, but am very much interested in understanding where my family lines come from. If you can answer a few of my questions, I would very much appreciate any wisdom and information that you might share with me. Respectfully, Murleen Ray (Parnell)
My father is Murel Arthur Parnell (who is 93 and still alive!)
10:53am 03-19-2017

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Hello my GOOD friend since High School in 1980. Her parents had gone long years ago and never told about their family history. She never had seen her Shipman family tree and also many good pictures before. So I created the Shipman family tree for her on You did good job. Thanks!
12:50pm 03-17-2017
Hello. I see my family tree is here. I have additional info on myself if you'd care to add it. I was married in 2015. I don't really know how to navigate this site just yet but I may figure it out sooner or later. Thanks!
12:21am 03-14-2017
Looking for Nipp family info
12:08pm 03-11-2017
My parents were Vennis ( Dee ) Wren Sr. & Carmen Sanchez . He was the son of Floyd Marshall Wren & Ruby Jordan . I am the g-granddaughter of Joseph Hinton Wren & Mary Catherine White . His parents were Henry Wren & Phoebe Meeker . Dad & Floyd were born in Oklahoma . Joseph was born in AR. With the exception of Henry & Phoebe , all are buried in Choctaw County, OK.
4:06pm 03-05-2017
Back in the 1970's my aunt/uncle purchased the Owen-Cox House (Maplelawn) on Moores Lane in Brentwood. I spent lots of time with them throughout their years. Sadly my aunt passed on in 2011 and their historic home has passed out of the family. I am trying to piece together the ancestry of ALL owners of the property. At the Rootsweb site someone has submitted different parents for Nathan Owen the original owner of Maplelawn and supposed brother of Jabez Owen who built the Owen-Primm house also nearby on Moores Lane. Did your information come from the Hightower Family or was there a different primary source?
8:59am 03-02-2017
I was looking in our family history my parent's or Ben and Beatrice Hightower
11:05pm 02-17-2017

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.

I am the grandson of James Monroe and Bertha (Smith) Johnson and have many family stories from them as well as her birth date and place of birth as well as a photo somewhere in my files of them at their home in Mean, Arkansas, the na,mes of Jim's family and other ..
Bill Bullock
6:42am 02-16-2017
Audy Guy Lack II was married to my mother Ruth Ann (Bell) on July 2, 1983 and was his second wife. She passed away on Nov 29, 2006 and was buried in the Hand Cemetery.
9:37pm 02-13-2017
I'm the Son of Hugh C. Hightower. Glyn Wilmer Hightower
was my Grandfather. Son of John Scott Hightower and Barbara Ellen 1.Hayes 2.Hightower (born Puntch). John's parents were Sterling Sylvester Hightower and Angeline Hightower (born Hancock). Sterling's father was Hugh Mack Hightower and his Father was Sterling Silvester. I knew my Great Grandfather John Scott and may be able to clear up some discrepancies I've noticed in the postings on my line. Please call me direct 580 772- 2493 if interested.
10:54pm 02-08-2017
Please tell me how the name Carol Wagnon is associated with this site.
2:47pm 02-07-2017
Are the photos you have of John Prock of John Franklin Prock born on Sept. 12, 1845? If so,I am a descendant of him through his son William Preston Prock. I do not know anything about our genealogy except the above information. I'm trying to start putting together a family tree for the descendants of William Preston Prock. This is my relation:
John Preston Prock - William Preston Prock - Ovid Prock - Ovid Franklin Prock - Misty Moore (youngest & only female child by birth)

Thank You!
12:51pm 01-22-2017
Tony, I am interested in purchasing a copy of your book. My maiden name was Mayfield, Wade Hampton Mayfield was my grandfather. you may contact me via email to
4:08pm 01-17-2017
Georgee Washington Anglen was first married to Martha Ann Rogers. Joseph Sidney Anglen , or Sid , was born 24 July 1891in Mena , Polk , Arkansas . George and Martha had 10 kids at this time . George and Martha listed Missouri as their birthplace. Their son, Ras was a witness at the birth . This comes from Sid's original birth certificate that I have .
My husband's g-grandmother , Jennie Hendrix , was Sid's second wife . They're buried in Hugo , OK.
5:27pm 01-09-2017
Jacob Jackson Deaver was my great Uncle. Was surprised to find out his name was Jacob. I knew him for years only as "Uncle Jake" and "Aunt Annie". annie was a sister to my grandmother, Hallie Lee Shoemate Higginbotham. Would love to hear from you.
Howard Bigham
Garland, Texas
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