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6:28pm 08-15-2016
Trying to get info on the Virginia Hightowers. Joshua is one of my direct descendents.
6:19am 07-29-2016
How can I send you copy of death cert.
10:16am 07-08-2016

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.
Hello Tony,
Noticed that you've updated as recently as July 5, 2016 and wanted to say THANKS. My computer that contained my genealogy records was stolen in July of last year and I've been working to get my files reconstructed and current and some of the details that I was missing were accessible via your Hightower gedcom at Rootsweb.

We've moved to a Senior Citizen Apartment Complex here in Gainesville and have time to work on family tree instead of yardwork, etc at our previous home. Just wanted to touch base with you and express my thanks for your excellent detailed work on your family tree.

Larry & Mary Kingsley - Gainesville, Texas
5:26pm 07-07-2016
Hello. I have a comment about Frances T. Hightower 1820, daughter of Jincy Wall and Joshua Hightower. Even though the marriage documentation has a "T", I am very confident that her middle initial is "P". I wish I could verify Joshua's birth year, Jincy's parents or whether or not Gregory, who was the guardian for all four girls, was Joshua's brother or uncle. Thank you for all the work that you have done on the Hightower family.
1:00pm 07-02-2016

If you have a genealogical website, please enter the URL in this box.
Hello! I am first cousin to Billy Eugene Burgess born Nov. 10, 1924. I have done quite a bit of research on him but never found out if he ever got married, kids, etc; until I found your info. Could you contact me so I can get more specifics? Thanks.

9:29pm 06-19-2016
My grandfather was William Hubert Hightower born 12/12/1891. He was from the Lomeda, TX area but lived in my hometown of Corpus Christi, TX for many years with my grandmother, Bessie Bowman Hightower. Just found this page by accident and found it interesting.
8:46pm 06-10-2016
My name Shelby Scheffel (Scott is my maiden name). John Downing Hinkle is my 4th great grandfather. I am the granddaughter of Bonnie Bernice Hinkle and daughter of Ricke Keith Scott. Bonnie and Leonard have 2 other sons. Leonard Scott and Michael Scott.
My father, Ricke, also has 3 other children:
Amanda Elena Scott Butts (08-20-79), Travis Justin Scott (03-24-82), and Ryan Ross Scott (02-13-83). Then there is me Shelby Lauren Scott Scheffel (04-30-91).
3:18pm 06-09-2016
I'm astonished at the info on your site. What work you've done! Thanks for making this info available. We truly are one big family.
10:57pm 06-07-2016
I am a great granddaughter to Jesse Christian, granddaughter to William "Bill" Christian. My mother was Belva Jane Christian. She passed away 7/75. Researching my Great grandpa Christian. I remember visiting with my great grandma Christian.
5:28pm 06-01-2016
My family..parents , siblings, etc..come uo with personal info...curious as to how yhis comes about without our input or knowledge? Perhaps uneducated in computer and current happenings...please advise..also is there a common ancestor?
Curious and fascinatted!
2:26pm 05-28-2016
I am the next to youngest granddaughter of Fred Whitley Hightower Sr. and Agnes Spence Loewen. My mother was Linda Kay Hightower. My maiden name is Roxanne Lynn Santora. My husband is Salvador Rivera Cardenas. I have 3 sons 2 step-sons and 1 step-daughter. They are:

Alex Joseph Santora b. 02-04-1997 (son)
Noel Ray Santora b. 12-25-1999 (son)
Ramon America Tristan b. 10-26-2001 (son)
Salvador Rivera Lawrence b. 09-06-03 (step son)
Angel Rivera Lawrence b. 08-10-04 (step son)
Katy Miller b. 02-03-96 (stepdaughter)
11:19am 05-19-2016
Hi, in regards to Reuben Edward Hopkins and Eileen Willams: Can you tell me if the parents of Reuben E. Hopkins are Arnette ( Nettie ) Davis and Charles Hopkins?
Thank you
11:15am 05-19-2016
Hi, In regards to Reuben Edward Hopkins and Eileen Williams, could you tell me if the parents of Reuben Hopkins are Charles Hopkins and Arnette ( Nettie Davis )?
Thank you
1:43pm 05-02-2016
How was Fred Whitley Hightower said to be Cherokee Indian and what tribe did the family descend from
2:31pm 04-23-2016
My Grandfather was E. (Erastas) Turner Dunlap. I was born in 1960. My Brother Dane Lee Greer died on 05/16/1976 and is buried in the same family plot as my father. My mother was Louise Dunlap Greer , she died 09/05/1990.
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